Stomach Virus and Flu

Stomach Virus and Flu

The following is an example of a progressive diet that may be followed when you have a “stomach virus” or the flu.

Start with clear  liquids:  Sodas, Gatorade, Jell-O, Clear Soups (like chicken or beef broth) and Popsicles.

Try small amounts of the above about every 20 minutes rather than a lot at one time. Your stomach will tolerate small amounts. Also try eating (drinking) the liquids at room temperature (not hot or cold) at first. This too will help your stomach tolerate the liquids.

Next, try a few crackers or toast with clear liquids. DO NOT TRY ANY OTHER SOLID FOOD AT THIS TIME.  Try saltines or plain graham crackers or plain, dry toast.

Next, try full liquids. This includes cream soups, ice cream, pudding etc.  You may still have clear liquids, saltine crackers, plain graham crackers and plain dry toast.

Next, try soft foods:  This includes baked or mashed potatoes, pasta, cooked cereals, bananas, etc.

If you tolerate all of the above, you may now, slowly start back on your regular diet.

REMEMBER:  Your stomach is still sensitive – a little at a time.