Drink Lots of Water

Drink Lots of Water

The Clear advantage

We are constantly hearing of water’s undisputed health benefits.  It is one of the most vital of all the nutrients, yet, for many it is perceived as having little or no value at all.  Whether it is for weight loss or just good health maintenance, cool refreshing water is the clear advantage!

Did you know

  • You can survive long periods of time without food, but several days without water can be fatal?
  • Almost 70% of your body (40 to 50 quarts) is water?
  • Eight (8) to twelve (12) cups of water are lost daily and must be replaced?

Replacing Losses – How Much?

You may find that you are not thirsty at any given time, but you still may need fluids. By the time you actually feel thirsty, your body may already be dehydrated.  Learn to gauge your water consumption by the frequency of trips to the restroom; frequent trips are a sign you are probably drinking enough.

An adequate water supply can be regarded as the amount necessary to balance water loss.  This can vary markedly.  The National Research Council recommends approximately 1.5 ml. (cc) of water per calorie of energy expended.  The average female may require between eight (8) to ten (10) cups daily while the average male requires ten to twelve.  A good rule of thumb is to drink eight cups of plain water daily with an additional two to four cups consumed in foods and other beverages such as milk, tea, soups, etc.  Keep in mind the more active you are and the hotter or more humid the weather, the more water your body requires.

How Much is Too Much?

Contrary to popular belief, drinking more water than what is recommended does not cause bloating or edema (water retention) with a normal functioning heart or kidneys.  If a healthy person exceeds his body’s  water needs the excess is quickly eliminated.  You are unlikely to “drown yourself” by drinking too much water.  However, drinking too little water can inhibit your body’s ability to accomplish many physiological tasks.

Eight Reasons for Eight Glasses!

  1. Water is an essential nutrient.
  2. It carries nutrients to cells and transports wastes to kidneys and lungs for excretion.
  3. Water carries hormones and disease fighting cells through the bloodstream.
  4. It is necessary for many chemical reactions of digestion and metabolism.
  5. Having a plentiful supply of water assists in temperature control by cooling through perspiration.
  6. Water protects and cushions tissues and lubricates joints.
  7. It can be both filling and satisfying. (Appetite suppressant.)
  8. Water assists with relief of constipation.

So you see, water truly is the clear advantage to a healthier, happier “YOU!”