Patient Information

Patient Information

You and your family members can live longer than ever due to modern technology, medical innovations and healthier lifestyles. Your family physician is the person who, more than any other, uses these tools to improve your health and advise you on future wellness.


Balance is the key to weight management and good nutrition. Whether you’re interested in losing, gaining, or maintaining your weight, setting a realistic personal goal for yourself and writing it down can help.


When you make aerobic activity a part of your lifestyle, your heart and cardiovascular system become much healthier. In addition, your mood improves.


Your body is about two-thirds water. In an average day, you lose at least one pint of water even without excessive sweating. To feel your best, drink 6-8 glasses of water daily.

Home Safety

More than 20,000 Americans die every year due to home accidents and approximately 3 million more are disabled. Safeguard your home with knowledge.

Health Facts

Understand more about reading product labels and how this will help you make healthy choices. Also fun facts.

Body Mass Index (BMI)

Body Mass Index is a way to determine if your weight is at a healthy level. It is considered a more useful measurement than weight itself.